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The Appeal of Winter

January 21st, 2015

The Appeal of Winter

Aww, winter!
The hours of darkness are longer
Sitting by a fire, letting your mind wander....

Winter is my time to get crafty!
Without fail I dig out my many bags of yarn.
Crocheting is a talent past down to me by my
Grandmother that lived in Onaga, Kansas.
I spent my summers with her as a young girl.
I remember grandma J always crocheting! She
Would make blankets with such detail in them, that
Even today, I can not match to her skill.
We would sit on hot summer evenings on her
Porch swing talking about life. I dearly miss those times....
Grandma J taught me many things over the summers I stayed
With her.
We gardened, learned cooking lessons, went to church every Sunday without fail!
But to me, my grandmother was far more than a grandmother.
She would take us kids to her bingo nights, driving over the rolling hills of
It was a glorious time to be a kid! My wonderments for life seemed endless!
I don't ever recall my grandmother loosing her temper, a trait I still to this day marvel that
She had!
She took my siblings and I on every summer through
A time in our young lives that was both an emotionally draining, and
I have no doubt financially as well.
The greatest gift she gave us kids was her unconditional love and understanding...

The crochet she taught me, at the time I didn't give much thought to, it was just
Something to do to pass time, while grandma rocked the swing and told me of days long ago.
Days when she taught school in Wilson, Kansas.
Times when as a child herself, they would have to go to the cellar to ice to make ice cream!
She had so many interesting things to share with my young mind, and I drank it in as though it were
Life's essential breath!
Oh,there were times us kids went exploring on our own too.
Adventurous times!
All memories now. Very fond ones, that I've share with my own kids and grandkids.
I sit crocheting as my own watch, questioning me on "how-to's".
Every time the yarn is held in my hands, I hear my grandmothers voice softly
Guiding my stories, my wisdoms and hands.
To winter appeal!
It offers a time to let the heart feel, let it be warmed, let old tales be told, and talents
Be shared with others.
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J L Zarek